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Yongkang Hardware City "+ Internet" adds new space for development

2017-06-22 11:13:54 Yong Kang Shasang Tools Co., Ltd. Read

Yongkang Hardware City + internet"

Add new space to develop

One quarter of the entity market turnover reached 13 billion 930 million yuan

The newspaper news yesterday, just from the vice manager of Guangdong Shenzhen exhibition back Yongkang Hardware City electricity supplier company name of the king temple excitedly told reporters, in the recently held the twenty-fifth session of Chinese (Shenzhen) International Gifts, handicrafts, watches and Houseware Exhibition enterprises, first launched the "hardware" optimization of products not only received a number of orders. I met a number of new agents, which is beneficial to the development of enterprises.

All along, many people still have a "low, small, scattered and lack of independent brand" of the old concept of Yongkang hardware manufacturing industry. In fact, Yongkang does not lack good products, and even a lot of world famous brands have processing factories in Yongkang. But in the face of good products at home, there are still a lot of consumers prefer detour, time-consuming and laborious way to go abroad to purchase any human porters. The reason, Yongkang hardware manufacturing industry needs an independent brand names. Since last year, hardware city group with the province online and offline integration demonstration pilot market requirements, let the market "active entity + Internet", "hardware optimization" to create high-quality business platform, activation of brand operation, transfer Yongkang hardware independent brand awareness, efforts to enhance the brand influence of Yongkang hardware.

The "hardware" optimization of electric network platform for the implementation of synchronization of business development, the main product positioning in the high-end, the purpose is to let consumers feel the high quality of the product experience, and pass an integrity, high-quality brand culture. In the "hardware preferred" electronic business platform, customers can experience wholesale, retail, high-end hardware products, and even products can be customized privately. The platform has a wide range of products, including kitchen supplies, catering equipment, fitness equipment, leisure supplies, hardware tools and other eight categories.

R & D, design, manufacturing, sales, and customer experience is a complete product delivery process, each of which determines the company's brand image and the successful sales of products." Chairman, hardware city group general manager Xia Ting said, "the most outstanding advantage of hardware optimization" is the quality of the control, in all aspects of research and development, design, manufacturing and sales have specialized staff responsible for tracking in the end, all products by the Jinhua Municipal Bureau of entry inspection and quarantine inspection, inspection qualified rear can go on sale, "Yongkang quality" good products to go farther.

In order to promote the leading electricity supplier strategy, hardware city group in addition to continuously optimize the "hardware" online platform functions, but also actively planning the layout of the line of the market in Hubei, Enshi, Henan, Zhengzhou and other places to set up a number of "hardware" optimization of outlets, so that consumers can not only personally experience the real Yongkang hardware products quality, and promote Yongkang Hardware City online comprehensive integration development, upgrading and opened a new space for the transformation of market entities. In the first quarter of this year, Yongkang Hardware City achieved an actual market turnover of 13 billion 930 million yuan, an increase of 5.4%; the online market turnover amounted to 6 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 9.5%. (from Yongkang gold Daily reporter: He Chunyan)