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PPR hot melt device usage and precautions

2017-06-22 11:24:29 Yong Kang Shasang Tools Co., Ltd. Read

PPR hot melt machine usage method

1. Fix the welding device to install the heating end, place the welding device on the rack, install the corresponding heating die according to the required pipe specification, and tighten it with the inner six corners, generally small in the front end.

2, power on, turn on the power (pay attention to the power must have grounding protection line), green indicator light, red indicator lights out, indicating that the connector into the automatic control state, can start operation. Note: | in automatic temperature control, traffic lights will turn to light, indicating that the welding device in a controlled state, does not affect the operation.

3, welding pipe, vertical pipes are cut by cutting the tube, pipe and pipe fittings without rotating push welding device in the die, and press the table required to operate, heating time is reached immediately after the pipes and fittings from the die and removed quickly without rotating straight into the desired depth uniform so, the joint formation of uniform flange.

PPR hot melt machine use notes

1, this product uses a single-phase three level security flat plug, unauthorized user plug, use must handle plug into a ground socket.

2, in the process of use, hand and flammable materials can not touch the electric melting hot parts, so as to avoid accidents.

3, non professional products shall not be opened, in case of electric shock and damage to the safety performance of the instrument.

4, such as red indicator light does not jump for a long time, indicating that the instrument has failed, should stop working immediately, and cut off the power supply.