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Yongkang's economy grew steadily and steadily

2017-06-22 11:36:54 Yong Kang Shasang Tools Co., Ltd. Read

Industrial added value, fixed asset investment and industrial energy consumption have been increased

Newspaper news entered the middle of May, Yongkang economic and social indicators have been released. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Yongkang Bureau of statistics, from 1 to April, the Yongkang regulations on industrial added value of 6 billion 770 million yuan, an increase of 5.6%, compared with the Jinhua average of 0.4 percentage points higher, ranking the third counties and cities in Jinhua; the regulation of industrial sales value of 32 billion 297 million yuan, an increase of 8.5%, 1.4 percentage points higher than the same period last year since the first quarter, have continued the steady momentum of industrial economy.

In Yongkang Zhengyang industrial die casting workshop, a more than 100 meters long aluminum die casting cleaning and spraying automatic production line is running at high speed. "Industry is always rewarded."." Hu Shuli, deputy general manager of the company, said, "this year, the company's sales grew by 30%, the order came to the second half.". This is due to adhere to the industry, in the past two years, continue to invest a lot of money for technological transformation and upgrading of equipment and product innovation.

From Yongkang, the top ten industries, 25.7% growth in the automotive industry, metal products industry grew 10.98%, electricity, heat production and supply industry grew 7.32%, ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry decreased by 10.8%, non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry fell 18.42%, general equipment manufacturing industry increased by 9.38%, special equipment manufacturing industry increased by 30.27%. "Full support and support enterprises, peace of mind to do the entity, strong industry, in the whole city up and down, forming a strong work, support enterprises" good atmosphere." Yongkang City letter Bureau official said.

Not only that, from 1 to April, Yongkang's fixed asset investment achieved sustained and good growth, with a total investment of 4 billion 540 million yuan, an increase of 13.8%, a slight increase from 1 to March. Industrial investment completed 1 billion 930 million yuan, an increase of 16.8%. Among them, the industrial technological transformation investment completed 1 billion 660 million, an increase of 16.4%, accounting for 86% of industrial investment. Services investment completed 2 billion 610 million yuan, an increase of 11.7%.  Infrastructure investment, Yongkang completed 1 billion 130 million yuan in the first 4 months, an increase of 38.5%. Especially the power, gas and water production, supply and transportation, storage and postal industry grew by a large margin, with growth rates of 377.2% and 136.7% respectively. At present, Yongkang this year, involving key projects in the provinces and municipalities have started construction 23. These projects involve the livelihood of the people, urban construction, machinery manufacturing and other fields, with a total investment of 6 billion 840 million yuan, of which plans to invest 2 billion 230 million yuan this year.

Industrial electricity consumption continued to rise. As of April, Yongkang regulated industrial electricity consumption of 487 million 673 thousand kwh, an increase of 10.8%, equivalent to about 140 thousand tons of standard coal consumption, accounting for about 60.2% of total industrial energy consumption on regulated industries. According to statistics, from 1 to April in Yongkang City, the 629 house rules on industrial energy consumption of 232 thousand and 500 tons of standard coal, an increase of 8.1%, the city's regulation of industrial added value of RMB energy consumption of about 0.35 tons of standard coal, an increase of 2.4%.

In addition, Yongkang actively promote supply side structural reform, is listed as the province's supply side structural reform pilot counties. Yongkang is insist on innovation driven, speed up the "two" integration, increase the technological content of products and value-added, and to accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, reduce the cost of institutional transactions, forced traditional industry to do fine to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, development of high-tech resources agglomeration and modern equipment manufacturing and other emerging industries, and further optimize the industrial the development of structure. (from Yongkang gold Daily reporter: Sun Wubin)