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Application Method and Notice of PPR Hot Melter

1. Fixed the heating end of the welder, put the welder on the rack, install the corresponding heating die according to the required pipe specifications, and tighten it with the inner hexagon, generally small in the front.

2. PPR hot-melt connector is turned on by electricity and connected with power supply (note that the power supply must be equipped with grounding protection wire). Green indicator lights are on and red indicator lights are off, indicating that the welder is in the state of automatic control and can start operation. Note: In the automatic temperature control state, the traffic lights and green lights will turn on by themselves, which indicates that the welder is in the controlled state and does not affect the operation.

3. PPR hot melt welded pipe, cut pipe vertically with pipe cutter, push pipe and fittings into welder die without rotation at the same time, and operate according to the requirements of the table below. After heating time, remove pipe and fittings from die at the same time, insert pipe and fittings into the required depth quickly and uniformly without rotation, so as to make joint shape. Uniform flange.

Points for Attention in Use of PPR Hot Melt

1. PPR hot melt adopts single-phase three-stage safety flat plug. Users must not alter the plug unauthorized. When using, they must insert the plug into the socket with grounding wire.

2. In the process of using PPR hot melter, the hand and flammable materials can not touch the part of the hot melt block, so as to avoid accidents.

3. Non-professional products should not open PPR hot melt in order to prevent electric shock and damage the safety performance of the instrument.

4. If the red indicator does not appear jump for a long time, indicating that the PPR hot melt instrument has malfunction, the PPR hot melt should stop working immediately and cut off the power supply.