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High-power butt welding machine parameters and application scenarios

Un-25, 100, 150 butt welders are easy to operate and lever pressure is suitable for welding rods, plates, rings and pipes of non-ferrous metals of high and low carbon steel alloy steel. Resistance welding or flash welding are used to adjust the corresponding series and corresponding upsetting force to weld different materials. Technical data of ideal effect can be obtained for different sections as shown in Table 4.
I. structural generalization
This series of welding machines are mainly composed of oil welding transformer, fixed electrode, mobile electrode, water cooling system and control system of feeding mechanism (pressure mechanism).
The left and right electrodes are connected with the conductor of the secondary coil of the welding transformer through multi-layer copper sheet respectively. The secondary coil of the welding transformer is cooled by circulating water. There are protective plates on both sides and below the welding site to avoid melting metal splashing into the transformer and switch. Welders should always clean up metal spatter on the protective plate to avoid short circuit and other faults.
1. Feeding mechanism: Feeding mechanism can complete the melting and extrusion process needed in welding. It mainly includes control rod, movable cross frame, adjusting screw and so on. When the control rod is moved between the two poles, the maximum working stroke of the electrode can be obtained.
2. Switch control: Press the button, then switch on the relay, so that the AC contactor sucks, so that the welding transformer is connected. When the welding parts are shortened due to plastic deformation and reach the required upsetting allowance, the stroke screw triggers the stroke switch to automatically cut off the power supply and control the power supply with a secondary voltage of 36 volts to supply power to the control transformer, so as to ensure the operator's personal safety.
3. Clamps (electrodes): The left and right electrode holders (8) are equipped with lower clamps (13), lever clamping arms (10), clamping screw (9), and a set of purchases (7) with handle to clamp the clamping arms. The lower clamps are made of chromium, zirconium and copper. The lower clamps are covered by guard plates on both sides of the electrified copper block. The negative guard plates are removed in the drawings.
4. Electrical devices (with electrical principle Fig. 2):
(1) The welding transformer is iron shell type with initial voltage of 380V; the primary coil of the transformer is coil type; the secondary coil is made of three steel plates with copper pipes welded around them in parallel; the adjusting series is selected according to the size of the welding parts during welding; and the required no-load voltage is obtained (with adjusting series table 3).
(2) There are many thin copper sheets connecting the transformer to the electrode.
(3) The duration of electrification in the welding process can be controlled by the welder through button switch and stroke switch.
(4) The switch controls the intermediate relay, by which the contactor is connected or the welding power is cut off.