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Operation steps of PPR fuser

1. The fuser can be operated only when the temperature indicator light is on.

2. The end face of the pipe must be perpendicular to the pipe axis. The special pipe shear is generally used for pipe cutting. If the pipe diameter is large, the saw blade is used to cut. After cutting, the cross section burr and burr are removed.

3. The connecting end face of pipe lattice and pipe fittings must be clean, dry and oil-free.

4. Measure and plot the hot melt depth at the pipe end with a caliper and a suitable pen.

5. When welding elbows or tee joints, attention should be paid to the direction according to the requirements of the design drawings, and the position of pipe fittings and pipes should be marked with auxiliary signs in the straight direction.

6. During connection, the pipe end is led into the heating sleeve without rotation and inserted into the marked depth. At the same time, the pipe fitting is pushed onto the heating pipe without rotation to reach the specified mark. Generally speaking, the heating time can be mastered by the method of reading numbers silently in mind, or the heating degree of pipe fittings and pipes can be observed. When a circle of PPR hot-melt flange appears on the die head, the pipe and pipe fittings can be removed from the die head for the next process.