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Detailed use method of ppr fuser

PPR heat fuser, also known as heat sealer, heat sealer, etc. Suitable for heating butt joint PPR pipe. Simple and practical, the small price is around 30RMB. There are two types of adjustable temperature control and fixed temperature control. Its specifications are the same as the pipe specifications. Adjustable temperature control fuser can be used for other material pipes. Such as: PEPP etc.


1. Fix the fusion splicer and install the heating end, place the fusion splicer on the rack, install the corresponding heating die according to the required pipe specifications, and use the hexagonal socket to tighten it, generally smaller at the front end.

2, power on

Connect the power supply (note that the power supply must have a protective grounding wire), the green indicator light is on and the red indicator light is off, indicating that the fusion splicer has entered the automatic control state and can start operation. Note|: In the automatic temperature control state, the red and green lights will alternately light up by themselves, which means that the fusion splicer is in a controlled state and does not affect the operation.

3, welding pipe

Use a pipe cutter to cut the pipe vertically, push the pipe and fittings into the fusion splicer die without rotating at the same time, and operate as required by the following table. After the heating time is reached, immediately remove the pipe and fittings from the die at the same time without rotating quickly The ground straight line is evenly inserted to the required depth, so that a uniform flange is formed at the joint.


1. This product uses a single-phase three-level safety flat plug. The user is not allowed to modify the plug without authorization, and the plug must be inserted into the socket with a grounding wire when using it.

2. During use, hands and combustibles should not touch the part of the electric fusion heating block to avoid accidents.

3. Non-professional products must not be opened to prevent electric shock and damage the safety performance of the instrument.

4. If the red indicator light does not jump for a long time, it means that the instrument has malfunctioned, and it should stop working immediately and cut off the power supply.

If it is outdoors, or in winter, the heating time and holding time should be increased. Generally, the temperature of the hot melt machine is set, do not change it. If you want to change it, you should adjust it gradually according to the actual situation on the spot. It’s been used a few times, if you have experience.