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What role does PPR hot melt play?

Introduction of PPR hot-melt device

PPR hot melt, also known as thermal synthesizer, thermal closing machine, etc. It is suitable for heating butt PPR pipe. Simple and practical, the small price is around 30RMB. There are two kinds of adjustable temperature control and fixed temperature control. The specifications are the same as those of pipes. Temperature-adjustable controlled hot melt can be used for other material pipes. Such as: PE PP, etc.

The main function of PPR hot melt is to control the heating temperature.

PPR is connected by a hot melt, which can be screwed to fix various fixed hot melt die heads. One side of the die is melted pipe fittings and the other side is melted pipe, which is just convenient for installation.

The fusion of PPR should be controlled in a certain range. If the temperature is too low, the plastic melting is not good, the joint is easy to leak, and if the temperature is too high, it is easy to decompose. So temperature control is very important. Usually at about 250 C.