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What is the hot melt technique of PPR water pipe?

In the construction of a new house, water pipe is an essential building material. We should not only select the water pipe with good quality, but also master certain skills when installing, so as to ensure that the water pipe has a long service life. At present, PPR water pipe is generally connected by hot melt. If it is not installed properly, it is easy for us to have water leakage in later use. What is PPR water pipe hot-melt technology? Let's take this question, let's learn about PPR water pipe hot-melt technology related content!

What are the hot melting techniques of PPR water pipe

1. Before the construction, we need to carefully check each water pipe to see if there are cracks and damages at both ends of the pipe. If there is rupture damage, then we should cut it a little during the installation, so as to facilitate the subsequent smooth installation. However, it should be noted that we should not knock the water pipe with a hammer or heavy object when cutting, so as to prevent the water pipe from bursting and shorten its service life.

2. We also need to master certain skills in cutting, so as to ensure that its cross-section is flat. The end face of PPR water pipe to be cut should be perpendicular to the pipe axis. The pipe cutting should use a special pipe shear. Then we need to fix the fusion connector and place it on the rack. Then we need to install the corresponding heating die according to the required pipe specification, and tighten it with the inner hexagon, which is generally smaller than the front end.

3. When connecting the power supply, we should ensure that the machine has entered the working state (the green indicator light is on and the red indicator light is off). At this time, it means that the welding machine is in the automatic control state, and we can carry out the next operation. It should be noted that when the fuser is in the automatic temperature control state, the red light and green light will turn on alternately, which indicates that the welding device is in the controlled state and does not affect the operation.

4. When we are welding, we need to put the pipe and pipe fittings into the machine at the same time, and operate according to the relevant operation standards. When the heating time is reached, we should immediately take off the pipe and pipe fittings from the die head at the same time, insert them into the required depth in a straight line quickly without rotation, so as to form a uniform flange at the joint, and control the rebound after inserting.